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Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma Cool story Tracey by BH-Ouji Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma Cool story Tracey :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 3 0 Nemo the Probopass by BH-Ouji Nemo the Probopass :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 3 0
Mature content
How Raditz saga should have ended :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 3 0
Pokemon Prism Rolla by BH-Ouji Pokemon Prism Rolla :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 1 0
Mature content
Happy new year humans :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 1 0
DBZ Future Universe Buu attacks C
"Dear big brother is stronger than ever, i am so proud" said Future Goten as he took care of the victims
"Buuuuuuuuuu! You look cool, you wanna play with me?" - Said the nearly hatched Fat Buu
"Play with you? No i wanna kill you" Said cocky SSJ3 Gohan
"Grr you made me mad! I will make you dead!!" Said Buu as he headed towards Gohan
"Heh make me you ugly balloon" Said Gohan as he prepared the masenko which killed Buu instanly "now onto wish Videl"
"Hehe Gohan you became so strong, i'm so proud of you, at least you didn't had the fate of your other Future self" Said Bartek watching the whole event on his planet
Meanwhile the warriors had gathered the dragon balls
"Speak your wish"
"Shenlong! I want you to revive my wife and all those that Dabra and Babidi killed"
"A simple matter" said Shenlong
"Videl, honey you're alive" said Gohan gratefully
Videl nearly in tears said "Honey you avenged me, i knew you are my hero!" Gohan blushed hearing this
"Your wish is granted! Farewell!" Said Shenl
:iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 2 0
Mature content
Friend's request :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 3 1
Nadia: Mistery of the mystic water
Bartek : Hi Prince Bartek here, in the next episode of "DBZ: Power rangers mystic menace" i visit the Nadia universe, along with auntie Ariel, Aunties Grass Gal, Ice Queen and Bella chan join the adventure, they will own mystic Gohan
Bella Chan : Sylv, Sylveon ;) (That's right master)
Mystic Gohan : STUPID SON IN LAW, I WILL MURDER YOU FOR TH..... (gets hit) AH I'M MYSTIC!!!
Vegeta : Shut the fudge up mystic boy!
Bartek : time on DBZ Power Rangers: mystic menace - Nadia: Mistery of the mystic water, don't miss it!
Ariel : Vapor, Vapor, Vapor ;) (I'm gonna be a star in this episode)
:iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 2 2
My birthday cake by BH-Ouji My birthday cake :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 7 6 Flareon, Sylveon and other by BH-Ouji Flareon, Sylveon and other :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 3 0 My eeveelution mug i got for birthday by BH-Ouji My eeveelution mug i got for birthday :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 6 0
Mature content
Yi Xing Long dies! Gohan Blacks are immortal?! :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 1 0
Mature content
Vegeta logic :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 1 3
Gine returns, Pan's new transformation!
At Bulma's gravestone
"Hmm what's this KI? Mama?"
Bulma was standing back near her grave
"Mama! You're alive! But how?" Said Bra in tears
"Must've been Bartek doing. It seems my evil personality is gone, hmm Goku's KI is evil? It's what Raditz told us long ago?" Bra shockly responded "Huh? Uncle Goku? Evil?!"
"Haha so Bulma is alive, now those pesky Bulma fanboys will finally shut up" Princess Pan asked "Um who are you talking to honey?" her boyfriend responded "the readers" said Bartek pointing at us
Meanwhile Gine arrived shocking Kakarotto "Mother? Why are you alive? Are you proud of me?" "Kakarotto my son, you're back to your evil self, that's bad, what Bartek done to you my son?"
"Auntie Gine, cous was a pain in the butt, this way he is better" Bartek smirked
"But you had to sent my brother-in-law to kill him?" Kakarotto is shocked "Wait pop is dead?" Gine nodly shaked her head "Hmm then again his KI was good, so it really doesn't matter, mwahahaha" Kakarotto doesn't car
:iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 1 0
Kawaii Vaporeon by BH-Ouji Kawaii Vaporeon :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 3 0
Mature content
Pokemon Bartek vs Pyro :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 1 0


Gohan-strip by purpleoverlord
Mature content
Gohan-strip :iconpurpleoverlord:purpleoverlord 15 3
Gohan-steam-bath by purpleoverlord
Mature content
Gohan-steam-bath :iconpurpleoverlord:purpleoverlord 16 4
BYO ssj4 001 by diegoku92 BYO ssj4 001 :icondiegoku92:diegoku92 59 2 Mysterio by JQroxks21 Mysterio :iconjqroxks21:JQroxks21 7 4 Bardock Ultra Instinct by daimaoha5a4 Bardock Ultra Instinct :icondaimaoha5a4:daimaoha5a4 17 4 Mastered Ultra Instinct Oozaru Goku vs Jiren by daimaoha5a4 Mastered Ultra Instinct Oozaru Goku vs Jiren :icondaimaoha5a4:daimaoha5a4 14 6 DBM - 1407 by HomolaGabor DBM - 1407 :iconhomolagabor:HomolaGabor 23 11 Bardock SSJ Blue by hsvhrt Bardock SSJ Blue :iconhsvhrt:hsvhrt 110 37 Eeveelutions by Iikkerson Eeveelutions :iconiikkerson:Iikkerson 37 1 Volume 2 Chapter 15 014 by Aremke Volume 2 Chapter 15 014 :iconaremke:Aremke 2 1 Volume 2 Chapter 15 013 by Aremke Volume 2 Chapter 15 013 :iconaremke:Aremke 2 2 Princesses N' Underwear by takoyaky-kun Princesses N' Underwear :icontakoyaky-kun:takoyaky-kun 6 3 Gohan and Videl - Bathing by JQroxks21
Mature content
Gohan and Videl - Bathing :iconjqroxks21:JQroxks21 6 10
Spider-Man x Mary Jane meme 2 by JQroxks21 Spider-Man x Mary Jane meme 2 :iconjqroxks21:JQroxks21 7 15 Pan and Bandit by JQroxks21 Pan and Bandit :iconjqroxks21:JQroxks21 4 8 Year of the Poochy 2018 by teh-yoshi Year of the Poochy 2018 :iconteh-yoshi:teh-yoshi 97 10


According to this, SSJ3 Goku is stronger than Mystic Gohan, and Kid Buu is stronger than Super Buu

Wait wha?


Hey there, i'm Bartek "BH"

Favourite cartoon character : Bardock, Raditz, Vegeta, Broli, Vegetto, Piccolo jr, Future Trunks (DB), Sailor V, Eudial, Sailor iron mouse (SM), Clover, Alex (Totally spies), Uncle Scrooge (Duck Tales), Papa smurf, Clumsy smurf, Handy smurf, Sasette, Nat (child form) (old smurfs polish dub), the female eeveelutions (excluding Espeon), Caterpie and it's evolutions, Cubone (Pokemon), most dog family members (except McWolf, the fox from Reksio), Benny the Ball, Choo Choo (Top Cat)
Roleplays : Leonardo (TMNT, all versions), Evil Lunch, SSJ4 Gogeta, Kid Buu (pre Earth explosion), Umigame (Dragon Ball) Mario, Red Yoshi, Princess Peach (Nintendo), Crissy (Friday the 13th VG), Dick Dastardly, Daphne (HB cartoons), Triton, the Sultan, Lucky, Zipper (Disney cartoons), Speedy Gonzales (WB), Vanity smurf (Smurfs), Yoshimitsu (Tekken series), First Warlock, First Dark Angel, First Black Knight, First evil Wizard (Dungeon Keeper 2), Arale's teacher (Dr. Slump)

My fanfic characters' designs' authors

:iconmichsto: :iconyugoku-chan: :icondb-onriz: :icontuninho22: :icondarkhameleon:

Check them out ^^

My YT channel…



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