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It's a shame that Gohan and Videl masked their indecities to their dauther

So this guy blocked me, but for what? I just told him to watch out for prank calls since he gave us his phone number

Now do DYKG about AI please
A hacker is going around DA deactivating accounts by hacking into their profiles and email addresses. Copy and paste this journal to stop yourself from getting hacked. As soon as the hacker sees this. He’ll see what’s going on and won’t hack you. Please save your account and stop this hacker so we don’t lose another deviant.

After 10 years you finally got the dialogues correct, and the american kids can now learn that it was Videl who was spaeking in thoughts, not Vegeta asking for eggrolls

So Videl threw the pussy at Gohan in the non jpn DBK but in the original version they cut it?!

Found it

Before RPG Maker games were on topic, this was the BEST PC fan game ever!

Hmm, must upgrade my 7 Pans then

Thanks to you the universe will tremble at the power of 9000 SSJs…

My mieliśmy lepszy opening do Chip & Dale'a ale oryginał Gumisiów jest lepszy
So i watched this video today and i was angry

Yes Toriyama DID state that "It seems that tails are a recessive trait."… but he never stated that he planned it, as VegettoEX stated, Toriyama FORGOT to add them tails!

So my theory is, right after they were born FTrunks PTrunks and Goten had their tails removed so they will never grew back

Of course i mind be wrong so tell me

Also the "recessive trait" is a bullshit answer
So it seems people on DA hate me for no reason, so i'm gonna say "screw you"

Anyway i don't care if i get banned on DA, the site was freezezing my computer, so i was ignoring it like fire, now it's OK, but i still hate this place

Yeah i know that evil always win and good always lose, that's why you monsters want to ban me


So i had a nightmare today, bravo losers


Nope, i'm not mean, i still like my friends here
Why "Belly-Tummy"? Why? I never was mean to you bro
OK, i gonna say sorry to Iki for calling her a c*nt, i didn't knew it was so bad

That's all

I will not say sorry for backing her thoughts on Pan, since well, Pan is a minor innocent character who was only in 3 episodes and 2 manga chapters (and a character design for GT by Toriyama, which was epic)

So yeah, if you want Pan to be a girlie girl who shouldn't fight, OK, but no one gives a damn that you hate Panny, for no reason

Back in early 2000s i was neutral to Naruto but still respected it fans (even accepted that it's a continuation of DBZ)

But Naruto a show for adults?! Are you guys #$% insaiyan?!

Sure it has blood swears and "colorful" speech, but so does your beloved Castlevania series (the NES games) and Duck Tales 2 (If Glomgold saying "shit" is NOT a swear word for you then i rest my case)

Japanese kids are more mature than us, hench why their cartoons are more mature than ours

P.S. i post this becuase i'm tired that people say DB series is NOT for kids (it actually is)
OK here are my opinions on character pairings made by fans

Keep in mind that this is DB, meaning the kids of these couples whould still exist alongside their canon counterparts

FGohan x FVidel - despite FGohan going Tenshinhan's style of life (who on the other hand will NEVER be with Lunch), i think he would go out with FVidel. And heck, the idea of FPan sounds too badass to resist
Broli x Chi-Chi - Based on "What if Broli was sent to Earth" parody, Broli thinks Chi-Chi is cute and Goten DOES have eyes with no pupils in movie 10, so yeah, good choice
Videl x Vegeta - A little loli, but PGohan is too pussy for Videl, also Mark would faint if he sees Vegeta dating his dauther, which is good :3
Lazuli x Vegeta - I generally despise Present Lazuli for breaking Vegeta's arm, but after killing Cell, Vegeta needs a good woman to cheer him up
Vegetto x Bulma - Not a fan of this, really
Vegetto x Chi-Chi - Vegetto looks like Goku so i geuss it works
Vegetto x Bulchi - Hohohoho it definetly works, better if Bulma (in her Freeza saga "nude" outfit) and Chi-Chi (bikini armor) fused together
Gohan x Zangya - Again loli, but Zangya SHOULD get a second chance in life
Nappa x Lunch - Hohohoho, nah, just becuase Vegeta stoled Yamcha's lover doesn't mean if Nappa is spared he will stole Tenshinhan's lover…

Seems logical
No wait, wha? The person Red-Vegetto suggested for me, banned me? Why? I don't get it