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Sega will probably start to get mad at nintendo again

This is the ending to "Tina's adventure island", shocking isn't it?

:iconmewpokemonplz: :iconarticunoplz: :iconmoltresplz:


:iconcharizardplz: :iconmeganiumplz: :iconflareonplz: :iconvaporeonplz: :iconleafeonplz: :iconjolteonplz: :iconglaceonplz: :iconumbreonplz: :iconmanectricplz: :iconespeonplz: :iconabsolplz: :iconsylveonplz: :iconshieldonplz: :icongardevoirplz: :iconkirliaplz:  :icongolempokemonplz:  :iconazumarillplz: :iconariadosplz: :iconninetalesplz: :iconseakingplz: :iconpidgeotplz: :icongengarplz: :iconmagcargoplz: :iconrapidashplz: :iconwailordplz: :iconmismagiusplz: :iconfroslassplz: :iconwigglytuffplz: :iconlopunnyplz: :iconmamoswineplz: :iconampharosplz: :iconcameruptplz: :iconsteelixplz: :icontangrowth-plz: :iconhariyamaplz: :iconraichuplz:


:icontyranitarplz: :iconvenusaurplz: :icontyphlosionplz: :iconferaligatrplz: :iconhoundoomplz: :iconeeveeplz: :icongalladeplz: :iconmagmortarplz: :icongyaradosplz: :iconbastiodonplz: :iconarcanineplz: :iconbutterfreeplz: :iconluxrayplz: :iconparasectplz: :iconalakazamplz: :iconsableyeplz: :iconrampardosplz: :iconelectivire-plz: :iconmachampplz: :icongliscorplz: :iconyanmegaplz: :iconsalamenceplz: :iconaggron-plz: :iconbanetteplz: :icondusclopsplz: :icondrifblimplz:


:iconmetagrossplz: :iconmagnetonplz: :iconporygonplz:

To be continued

Shinnies not included here ;)
Did you missed me? ^^…

Did you except a f**** 4 year old to calm down, after YOU told him is father is DEAD?
Really WTF is wrong with you?
Hello, here i'm gonna tell you which DBZ/GT game has the following Goku outfit playable (alt or whatever)


Normal belt with logo - Kyoushuu Saiyajin, Geki Shin Freeza, Legend of the SSJ, Budokai 1, Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (Goku's alts), Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Goku saiyan saga's 3 outfit, Goku Freeza saga's normal outfit), Burst limit, Infinite world, Xenoverse, Xenoverse 2
Bigger belt with no logo - Ressen Jingoningen and onward
Bigger belt with logo - Gaiden, Battle of Z, Xenoverse, Xenoverse 2
GT clothes - Final Bout (Adult and kid), Budokai Tenkaichi 3-Xenoverse 2 (Kid)
Rest clothes - Budokai 1 (alt)
End of Z clothes - Budokai 2 (alt), Budokai 3 (alt), Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Goku Cell saga's outfit) (alt), Infinite world (alt)
Normal belt without orange shirt - Budokai 2 (japanese version), Budokai 3, Infinite world (alts)
Bigger belt without shirt - Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (alt)
Yadrat armor - Super DBZ (alt), Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Goku Freeza saga's outfit) (alt), Raging Blast 2 (alt)
Normal belt with no heavy weigths - Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Goku Cell saga's outfit) (alt), Raging Blast (alt), Raging Blast 2 (alt)
Bulma's armor - Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Goku Cell saga's outfit) alt, Cardass (Dragon Battlers and onward)
Whis outfit - Xenoverse (DLC content), Xenoverse 2
Xeno Goku - Heroes
So i seen this in his :iconssjgarfield: profile so i decided to play it, so here goes

1. What are your favourite anime and manga series?

Captain Tsubasa, Pokemon, Dragon Ball

2. Have you ever been to Japan?

No :(

3. What are your favourite games

Adventure island series, pokemon, old DB games

4. Have you ever been to a zoo?

Yes when i was little

5. If so, what animals do you enjoy the most to look at when visiting a zoo?


6. Do you play Pokémon?

Yes, i prefer Kanto and Johto series

7. If so, what are your favourite Pokémon?

A.I prefer generation 1 & 2 pokemon, so from the list:

Caterpie and it's evolutions
Chamander and her evolutions
Squirtle and it's evolutions
Kadabra and Alakazam
Dog family pokemon
Female Eeveelutions (except Espeon)
Moltres and Articuno

B. However Pokemon prism used generation 3-6 pokemon in GBC style, so now:

Glaceon/Leafeon/Sylveon (Females)
Gardevoir (Female)/Gallade
Shinx and it's forms

8. What is the first anime you've watched?

Miss spoon or Domel (Wowser in US)

9. What is your favourite dinosaur?

That bird-reptile, can't renember it's name ^^'

10. What is true to you? Evolution or Genesis?

:iconfoxstarkiller: so this guy blocked me becuase i stated short haired Videl looked ugly, really? Get a life loser!…

So i just beat the pallete patrol, i noticed that each color has eeveelution of that color

Also i cauth a female Ponyta, and named her after MLP FIM character, if you geuss who, i friend you ^^



It seems i found a Varaneous but my gameshark code made it into a Espeon, whatever


If you geuss who it is i will sent you a note, if you're wrong then don't wait for it please


My Peppa just evolved into a Mamoswine, but i sadly had to cheat to get the move, go figure


My ??? evolved into Rapidash, whoohoo, Macho evolved into Machoke and later Machamp, Psych Lady and Arthur got horny, and still trying to evolve my female Buneary - Lola


Lola finally evolved, Psych Lady's and Arthur's dauther was finally born, found a Bagon but KOed it for training my Ice Lord. Oh yeah i'm stuck now :|


Finally escaped from the prison, i'm a good boy, i'm a good boy...........also poor Mini Lady, seeing jail at such age and seeing the pokemon being abused


Finally i am in Rijon, cautch Magnemite and Shieldon there, the Shieldon i wanted is a female so she's cute, still wanting for Magni (my Magneton) to evolve


Caucth a male Shieldon that i evolved him into Bastiodon, since i am fond of my female Shieldon's cute self, also cuatch a Beldum (now Metarang) and Wailmer


Finally got the last badge, no new generation 1-4 pokemon...for now


I finally menegaed to level up Hardi without glitching, i removed his headbutt move and it was OK

Cool game, try it guys

Cool, by the time, we will see the Champa's yummy eggs by octorber

Don't talk to this guy, he's a mad person that needs help
1. Single/Taken?
Single, but i plan to change that ;)

2. Favorite Color? 
Red, Pink, White, some shade of green, Azure

3. Favorite food? 
Fries, soy products, coconut-style food, pasta, pizza, Pop Corn, Broccolis

4. Favorite Sweet(s)?

5. Dog or Cat?
Dogs, but i like Cats now too

6. Tea or Coffee?

7. Ice Cream, Cake, or Ice Cream Cake?
Ice Cream

8. Favorite vacation spot?
German or English country

9. Favorite meme?

10. Favourite movie? 
Return to blue lagoon

11. Do you have a crush?
Yes her , but she already has a boyfriend

12. Does your crush know you like them?

13. Does your crush have a crush on you?

14. Do you know your crush likes you?

15. Favorite day of the week?
 Friday, Saturday

16. Which media platform/app do you use the most?
DA, Youtube, CDA

17. Day or Night?

18. Snowy or Rainy?

19. Which platform do you play on the most?
Nintendo consoles and Sony's

20.Fav type of girl?
A midriff wearing, skirt having, long haired blonde, blue eyed with a cleaveage

Behold, a homebrew (Public domain?) starting Tina Takahashi, it has 3 levels

I played the game and it's good, give it at ry

I am in a King Piccolo's family mood now, go figure

It's a shame that Gohan and Videl masked their indecities to their dauther

So this guy blocked me, but for what? I just told him to watch out for prank calls since he gave us his phone number