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It were 2 years after the BH Game 3, in the saiyans universe

"Gah this is boring" said prince Vegeta "You said it prince *hick*" Said drunk Ninji "Uncle get it together" said Pum

"Oh so they are bored? Time to free the Bojack gang" said Bartek

Meanwhile on Kaio's planet

"Hello lord Kaio" Bartek respectlly great North Kaio "Um who are you, and are you doing here?" said Kaio "I'm here to free Bido, Zangya and Bujin, you don't mind it right?" asked Bartek "Nah go ahead" answered Kaio. "Thank you" replied Bartek

He freed Bido, Zangya and Bujin, Kaio is shocked and said "Wait, are you gonna free Bojack too?" Bartek said "nah i hate this guy" Kaio said "oh cool, now i be watching you"

On Earth

"Hmm? Prince Vegeta, there are huge power levels there" said Raditz, "oh cool finally some action"

Unfortunally Vegeta understerestemed their opponents, the 3 of Heras - killed everyone except of Pum and Vegeta, Pum panted "Damn they're so strong" Vegeta angrily said "DAMN IT ALL!!! WHY I'M NOT SO STRONG? I AM SO ANGRY!!!" And with this anger, Vegeta goes SSJ2, Bido said "Why i get a bad case deja vu right now" the Heras got killed by Vegeta.

"Well that's more like it huh?" Bartek smirked
So i seen this… and thought i'm gonna do the Heras invading universe 13 so here it is, enjoy

DBM owned by :iconsalagir:
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February 12
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