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"Next fight! Evil Tullece VS Mystic Gohan!" said Princess Chi-Chi "Good luck daddy" said princess Pan "Heh i got this in the bag" said Gohan "Don't let your cockyness get over your head honey" said Queen Videl

Evil Tullece and Mystic Gohan went to the Tree of might area

"My PC tells me that your blood is similar to that stupid dope, so, you must die!" said Tullece's clone as a SSJ2, "Silly nigga, you can't beat me" said Gohan with a smirk, Tullece angrily said to him "Why you racist (goes ssj3) I'm sorry little brother" Bartek said "That's fine, finish him quick!" and thus Tullece's clone used a shockwave and sended mystic Gohan flying "I'm mystic" said mystic Gohan in the air and landing on the ground, returning the area to snowy.

Everyone had an O_o face (specially the Gohans, Goku and Princess Pan and Queen Videl)

"Um Evil Tullece wins!" said Princess Chi-Chi
Just for laughs, credit to :icongozar: for Mystic Gohan jokes in ARDBZ and :iconsalagir: for DBM


Sorry for the racist txt, Mystic Gohan's words, not mine
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January 23


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