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Goku Black and Pan Black came "Kakarotto! KAKAROTTO!!!" Groly screamed, "my my Broli's younger brother, nice to meet you" Kakarotto asked "you look just like me, who the hell are you?!" Black Goku "Hehe it seems you came back to your old self, so let me tell you, i'm Goku Black aka Yin Son Goku, the evil half of Future Son Goku who was born when he hit his head" Princess Pan looks at Pan Black "Wait and who are you?" Pan Black told her "I'm the clone of Pan, born from her blood" Pan renembers "Oh i renember, when uncle Bartek shoot a beam i lost too much blood" Princess Pan is angry "Honey, i thought you would never hurt me!!!" Bartek told her "It was a defense move honey, hehe", Goku Black said "Now show me the true power of a saiyan" Princess Pan "Fine!" (Goes SSJ4) "Ho?" Goku Black is excited "That's nice, let me fight you now" Princess Pan added "Wow i'm so excited, too bad Future Pan died" Prince Bartek had a fine idea "I'll be right back!" he goes to future heaven "Heh, it's boring again" Pan Black is unhappy

In the future heaven

"Lord Enma! Can i go to Future Gohan and his family?" Bartek asked Enma "Sure, but don't wreck anything"

Bartek apeared near Future versions of Gohan, Videl, Pan and Goku

"Hello i ask you a offer Panny, i wish you back so you can fight a strong opponent, how about it?", Pan is unsure, "But i like spending time with my parents" Bartek added "That's okay, i'll give you this button so you can call me anytime to meet them" Pan added "OK then"

Future Pan is wished back

"Hey can i come too? I reached SSJ3 here", Goku is excited "Um i doubt you will help anything but ok" Bartek wished him back

Back on Earth

"Ah they finally returned!" Goku Black said, "Kakarotto! KAKAROTTO!" Said Groly upon seeing Future Goku "calm down younger brother" Broli calms Groly down

"Now let me show you..............Super Saiyan 4!" Future Pan goes SSJ4 but Princess Pan is left unamazed

Then a misterous voice said

"Wait a second"

Bardock apeared, he too became a SSJ4!

"So who are you?" Future Goku asked Goku Black "I'm Yin Goku, you're Yang Goku!, Goody goody two shoes!" Goku is angry and goes SSJ3 "Now let me finish this" Goku Black laughs like a devil, Pan black added "Oh grandpa, you're so stupid"
Here's my newest chapter of my fanfic, enjoy


Prince Bartek
Princess Pan
Future Pan
Goku Black
Pan Black
Future Enma
Future Goku

Note : There isn't any breasts nudity here, because, Future Pan has a bra as a SSJ4 and Princess Pan's bikini armor was streched and left undamaged when she went SSJ4
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Submitted on
December 23, 2016
Mature Content


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