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DVD collection 2 by BH-Ouji DVD collection 2 :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 1 4 DVD collection 1 by BH-Ouji DVD collection 1 :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 2 10 Shieldon, Cranidos by BH-Ouji Shieldon, Cranidos :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 2 6 Pokemon Prism my Froslass's name by BH-Ouji Pokemon Prism my Froslass's name :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 2 0 Eeveelutions generation 4 by BH-Ouji Eeveelutions generation 4 :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 1 0 My female Glaceon is a stubborn p***-b***?! by BH-Ouji My female Glaceon is a stubborn p***-b***?! :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 0 8 Poor eeveelutions by BH-Ouji Poor eeveelutions :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 2 10 Pokemon Prism Mini Lady evolved by BH-Ouji Pokemon Prism Mini Lady evolved :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 4 2 Pokemon Prism Arthur's and Psych Lady's dauther by BH-Ouji Pokemon Prism Arthur's and Psych Lady's dauther :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 1 0
The ressurection of Trini
On Earth near Trini Kwan's grave
"OK time to ressurect Trini" Sky is shocked "Trini, THE Trini?! I thought she was long dead" Bartek smiles "i can ressurect any one back to life, if he/she didn't die naturally" "Gallade Gallade Gallade (Hmm interesting)" Said Arthur
Trini is ressurected
"Welcome back first PR, allow me to instruduce myself, i'm prince Bartek, an alien from planet hamsternidia, your old enemies: Rita and Lord Zedd are making chaos in one multiverse, We need your help, uncle Jackie, give the classic mophers to the classic PR" Jackie responded "Entei Entei Entei (yes master)"
Meanwhile in mystic universe
"Ah my heart!" Lord Zedd had a heart attack, his wife said to him "what happened honey?" "Trini Kwan is back! BH is on onto something again, we must tell lord Gohan about this" Rita is shocked "right"
:iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 1 0
Gallade, Froslass by BH-Ouji Gallade, Froslass :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 4 8
Mature content
More DBZ X Pokemon fanfics :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 1 0
Mature content
More DBZA X Pokemon madness :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 1 0
Pokemon Prism Misia by BH-Ouji Pokemon Prism Misia :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 4 0 Pokemon Prism Leafeon by BH-Ouji Pokemon Prism Leafeon :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 2 0 droopy of the opera edit by BH-Ouji
Mature content
droopy of the opera edit :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 2 0


If Trunks was in the universal tornament by Thejunior142 If Trunks was in the universal tornament :iconthejunior142:Thejunior142 6 4 Aerys - Fliren's gardevoir by Fliren Aerys - Fliren's gardevoir :iconfliren:Fliren 23 2 Pan power levels DBA by HelvecioBNF Pan power levels DBA :iconhelveciobnf:HelvecioBNF 38 14 RQ: evil onion by vegetagirl9000 RQ: evil onion :iconvegetagirl9000:vegetagirl9000 30 10 Bergamo by Victor0822 Bergamo :iconvictor0822:Victor0822 29 10 DBM Page 1328 - Colored by Xman34 DBM Page 1328 - Colored :iconxman34:Xman34 8 5 686 by mandaIa 686 :iconmandaia:mandaIa 105 7 Z Fighter Raditz Super Saiyan 4 by thunderstudent Z Fighter Raditz Super Saiyan 4 :iconthunderstudent:thunderstudent 7 5 Kale comission by salvamakoto Kale comission :iconsalvamakoto:salvamakoto 281 14 DB Mirai: Videl by Subzerowins DB Mirai: Videl :iconsubzerowins:Subzerowins 1 1 Yoshi (Pt. II) by Foster-Lightdweller Yoshi (Pt. II) :iconfoster-lightdweller:Foster-Lightdweller 12 8 Mother Sylveon by MermaidNerin Mother Sylveon :iconmermaidnerin:MermaidNerin 51 10 Underwater nose boop by MermaidNerin Underwater nose boop :iconmermaidnerin:MermaidNerin 46 13 My little hammy by ChibiChuChuu My little hammy :iconchibichuchuu:ChibiChuChuu 9 2 Hermione's bday by ChibiChuChuu Hermione's bday :iconchibichuchuu:ChibiChuChuu 2 0 Realistic Suicune by Jade-Viper Realistic Suicune :iconjade-viper:Jade-Viper 62 19



Sega will probably start to get mad at nintendo again


Hey there, i'm Bartek "BH"

Favourite cartoon character : Bardock, Raditz, Vegeta, Broli, Vegetto, Piccolo jr, Future Trunks (DB), Sailor V, Eudial, Sailor iron mouse (SM), Clover, Alex (Totally spies), Uncle Scrooge (Duck Tales), Papa smurf, Clumsy smurf, Handy smurf, Sasette, Nat (child form) (old smurfs polish dub), the female eeveelutions (excluding Espeon), Caterpie and it's evolutions, Cubone (Pokemon), most dog family members (except McWolf, the fox from Reksio), Benny the Ball, Choo Choo (Top Cat)
Roleplays : Leonardo (TMNT, all versions), Evil Lunch, SSJ4 Gogeta, Kid Buu (pre Earth explosion), Umigame (Dragon Ball) Mario, Red Yoshi, Princess Peach (Nintendo), Crissy (Friday the 13th VG), Dick Dastardly, Daphne (HB cartoons), Triton, the Sultan, Lucky, Zipper (Disney cartoons), Speedy Gonzales (WB), Vanity smurf (Smurfs), Yoshimitsu (Tekken series), First Warlock, First Dark Angel, First Black Knight, First evil Wizard (Dungeon Keeper 2), Arale's teacher (Dr. Slump)

My fanfic characters' designs' authors

:iconmaddness1001: :iconvictor0822: :iconyugoku-chan: :icondb-onriz: :icontuninho22:

Check them out ^^

My YT channel…



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BH-Ouji Featured By Owner May 14, 2017
They are just guys in costumes,

I wonder why Paragus's VA returned to voiced him in this but not in DBH
vegetagirl9000 Featured By Owner May 15, 2017  Hobbyist

its still better than dbevolution XD
BH-Ouji Featured By Owner May 16, 2017
And thus better than fnf
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EucalyptusWing Featured By Owner May 7, 2017
Thanks for the fav!
db-onriz Featured By Owner May 4, 2017
i have made full body version of bio-vegetto
You can use it on your wiki page.
Montyclan Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017
Thanks for the unexpected faves.
Azrrael-domah Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fav =)
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